Earlham Institute: Doctoral Training Programme Studentships

Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Programme Studentships


Applications for the 2021 Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Programme (NRP DTP) at Earlham Institute are now open. Although these are not directly related to biofilms, we believe these may be of interest to early career researchers, as lead to biofilm applications.

Current studentships include:

  • Using open data and machine learning approaches to decode the regulatory regions of wheat

  • Saving the UK’s best-loved fruit: immunity diversity in banana

  • Something old, something new: Genome duplications and the origins of plant chemodiversity

  • Mining Meadows: Biosynthesis and Bioactivity of Phytochemicals from UK Plants

  • Function follows (iso)form: Exploring functional diversity of isoform expression in single cells

  • Detection of crop pathogens from the air using DNA sequencing technologies

  • Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to decode complex patterns of DNA methylation

  • Shining light on the cost of domestication in the dark genome

  • For everything you have missed, you have gained something else: Impact of novel splicing events in human and mouse

  • Data science to feed a changing world: superior drought tolerance in nutritious traditional beans

  • Mining Meadows: Exploring the metabolic diversity of UK plants

  • Developing heat and drought resilient wheat