2nd EBNet Proof of Concept Call

Call closes: Thursday, 29 April 2021 midnight

Available to: UK- based, BBSRC-eligible academic members only

This call aims to support a diverse range of EB research projects and continues to offer 3 strands of funding – up to £25K* for desk-based study, up to £50K* for single-discipline and up to £100K* for cross-disciplinary research. To apply, see here.

All projects within the broader EBNet remit will be considered in this open call. Where aspects of your project might reasonably be considered to fall under the remit of a sister-NIBB, the core alignment to EBNet should be made apparent to reviewers. If you would like to know whether your proposed bid or activity falls within EBNet’s remit, further details on our themes can be found here. For help and advice on any questions of process or remit, please contact the Network Managers to discuss your project well in advance of application. Email Angie and Louise at EBNet@EBNet.ac.uk.

EBNet Proof of Concept

Genereal Information 

EBNet’s first PoC Call opened on 2 March 2020. Thirty three bids were submitted and five projects were awarded in August 2020. Further details on previously awarded PoC and BIV projects can be found in the Outcomes section of this website here.

Proof of Concept (PoC) funding is designed to encourage and support cross- and multi-disciplinary projects at technology readiness levels 1 to 4. Individual PoC projects should last no longer than 12 months and act as a springboard for future further research. Industry partners are not required, but industry support is welcome, where it adds value to the project.

Important Supplementary Information for the 2nd Call

EBNet recommend applicants familiarise themselves with the list of projects which have already received support as topics which have already attracted substantial funding are likely to be regarded by the Assessment Panel as already adequately represented. For example – projects related to soil remediation &/or biochar have already been well supported; conversely, no desk-based studies were funded in the previous call.

EBNet would particularly welcome applications on the following topics. Amongst topics identified are those projects including elements of:

• Process modelling, techno-economic analysis, LCA/LCSA
• Ambitious cross-disciplinary projects, particularly those including elements of Social/Behavioural Sciences
• Innovative bio-sensors across the EBNet remit.

Multiple Applications. Applicants are welcome to be a named PI (once) and Co-I (once) in up to 2 (max.) applications in the 2nd Call. Whilst EBNet appreciate that active research groups may have interests in multiple topic areas, and might collaborate or advise in some capacity in several bids, EBNet request that specific named researchers restrict themselves to being a named PI/Co-I in a maximum of 2 bids per call.

(*Note that the funding provided by EBNet will be £20K, £40K and £80K respectively, as these awards are at 80% FEC.)