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The science behind the skin microbiome and biofilms – evidence and claims

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Together with Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK) we’re holding a joint webinar, ‘The science behind the skin microbiome and biofilms – evidence and claims’


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Skin microbiome claims are becoming a trend in many categories yet the science is relatively in its infancy. This free webinar from Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK) and the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) will include presentations and discussions which cover the market, research and innovation, as well as address questions like “can pro/prebiotics be used in cosmetics? and “how can the claims be credible and relevant to the consumers?”

‘Microbiome Growth Opportunities in Personal Care and Dermatology’ Dr Sudeep Basu, Frost & Sullivan

  • This presentation focuses on recent development in the areas of microbiome-driven therapeutics and consumer products. An overview of key research groups, clinical and consumer focus areas and trends will be provided. The discussion will encompass a review of select technologies, markets and products as well.
  • Sudeep has a Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology and has chaired and given keynote talks at multiple Microbiome conferences. Dr Basu has experience in managing in global consulting and project management across various industries, At Frost & Sullivan he leads the Innovation Services practice to present an integrated IP-Tech-Market perspective and advises corporate R&D, governments, universities, and government R&D institutions on technology innovation and Intellectual Property strategy, energy policy and R&D policy. He has first-hand experience in working across value chain from IP development to IP commercialization.

‘Skin Microbiome vs. Biofilms: A New Approach to Formulation’ from Dr Katerina Steventon, NBIC and Dr Kristin Neumann, MyMicrobiome

  • In a dialogue between two approaches, Dr Kristin Neumann and Dr Katerina Steventon will discuss a juxtaposition of skin microbiome and the presence of biofilms on human skin. Dr Neumann will talk about testing for ‘skin microbiome friendly’ formulations that aim to maintain healthy skin microbiome on human body. Dr Steventon helps innovative companies with new research to explore potential shifts of skin microbiome to dysbiosis (imbalance) and biofilms. She will explore biofilm features in skin conditions (like acne and dermatitis), scalp health and in intertriginous niches (axilla, feminine health). Formulating new personal care products should take both approaches into consideration. Given that our understanding of the healthy skin microbiome baseline is in infancy, we strongly advocate for advancing fundamental research in both of these areas and keeping the dialogue alive.
  • Dr Katerina Steventon is a healthcare specialist with substantial experience of working at the clinical, commercial and research interface. She holds a MSc in Clinical Biochemistry, a PhD in Transdermal Absorptions and over 20 years of global work experience in the personal care and wound care industry. Katerina has an in-depth knowledge of skin biology in both its healthy and diseased states. The strengths Katerina brings to NBIC comprise a comprehensive understanding of the industry and academia, commercialisation of research in a spectrum of healthcare areas and an experience of running an innovation consultancy with a focus on functional skincare.
  • Dr Kristin Neumann holds a PhD in microbiology and has been researching in the field of microbiology and microbiome for more than 12 years. In 2018, she founded, which has since become the leading microbiome education platform, to make the topic of microbiome, which is so important for health, accessible to non-scientists. In addition, Kristin and her partner Tanja developed the world’s first and only quality standard for microbiome-friendly skin and care products.

‘Microbiome – The Regulatory Landscape’ from Olivia Santoni, Bloom Regulatory

  • Olivia Santoni will discuss the legal status of ingredients to explore the use of pro/prebiotics in cosmetic products, the purpose of adding pre/probiotics in cosmetic products, and if there are medicinal and cosmetic functions to discover. Olivia will also look at claims substantiation.
  • Olivia has an extensive knowledge of the cosmetics industry globally. She studied business law and healthcare product law before specialising in regulatory affairs. In 2008 She joined the UK Cosmetics Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) and was appointed in 2016 Director, Regulatory and International Services. Olivia managed the Regulatory and International team to deliver support and advice to members as well as advocate for the interest of the industry. She has been leading the Association’s work on Brexit and international regulatory affairs. Over the years Olivia has been an active participant at Cosmetics Europe groups on both regulatory and international issues. Previously, she worked for the French Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (ANSM) and was part of the international department of the French cosmetics trade association (FEBEA). In 2019 Olivia founded Bloom Regulatory Ltd to provide regulatory and strategic support to cosmetics companies.

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