ISMOS8: Call for abstracts

2nd Call for Abstracts:


8th International Symposium on Applied Microbiology and Molecular Biology in Oil Systems (8 – 11 June 2021)


Hard submission deadline: 22 February 2021 

ISMOS is the largest event discussing microbiology and molecular biology in the oil and gas industry. This conference explores the application of emerging microbial and molecular tools to help resolve challenges faced by the industry.


This is the 2nd Call for Abstracts for ISMOS-8; who are now accepting abstracts in these seven categories:


1. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Reservoir Souring

This session calls for papers that analyse the role of microorganisms in MIC, their control and effects on reservoir souring.

2. Hydrocarbon Biodegradation

This session calls for papers on the (metabolic) role of microorganisms in the breakdown of petroleum hydrocarbons and in the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminants across different environments.

3. The oil and gas microbiome – problems and Solutions

This session focuses on the diversity and function of microorganisms in oil and gas reservoirs, sub-surface environments and other oil/ gas systems. We specifically encourage case studies which address the problems and solutions of a specific oil and/ gas microbiome. We also encourage papers on E-DNA environmental monitoring, environmental genomics for the oil and gas industry.

4. A Green Future – becoming net zero

This session will address the question “Could microbiology help the oil companies to become net zero?” Papers are also invited on the Green Deal-EU-transfer technologies, from traditional industries to the renewables and potential environmental impacts.

5. Microbial control for low production times or shut in times

This session will include papers on the effects of microorganisms during low or shut down production times and approaches to control the activity of microorganisms and is highly relevant for the current pandemic conditions.

6. Alternative fuels to oil and gas

This session addresses alternate fuels to oil and gas, such as renewable energy, biofuels and we encourage papers on the repurposing existing infrastructures such as for CO2/ H2 storage.

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) of automatic labs

This session calls for papers on how AI can be used in the oil and gas industry. This could include papers on novel modelling and data synthesis approaches. We also encourage papers on the robotic synthetization of chemicals, making coatings, antimicrobials etc.


Abstracts should be max 250 words in length (excluding title/author names).

It should include the paper title, all authors surnames followed by their initials. The name of the presenting author should be underlined. All author affiliations should be included.

Abstracts should be organised with a brief introduction to the topic followed by a brief outline of the methods/approach used. The main body of the text should include the key results and finally the overall conclusions and impacts of the research.

Students can participate in the full ISMOS-8 technical and social program for 75 Euros (+VAT) if they register before March 31 2021.