NBIC 3rd Proof of Concept Call – Opens 10th January 2020

We’re delighted to announce that our 3rd Proof of Concept (POC) Call will open on 10th January 2020.

We are looking for proposals that are a joint collaboration between at least one Company (micro, SME or large) or stakeholder with a UK presence and one (or more) UK University/Research Institution, which should be a part of the NBIC consortium. The project will be expected to establish the feasibility of a concept, idea or technology from any application sector which is aimed at preventing, detecting, managing or engineering biofilms. In this Call 30% of the funding will be reserved for projects that address Biofilm Engineering. NBIC ran a joint Industry/Academic workshop on Biofilms Engineering in 2019, and we want to encourage the ideas and relationships that emerged from that session as well as stimulate new interactions.

We expect to fund about 20 projects lasting on average 6 months and for NBIC’s contribution to be on average between £25-50K in total for each project.

Projects are required to report additional sources of funding matched either as in-kind and/or financial support from industrial collaborators that will enhance the quality of the bid and the outcomes anticipated.

The application portal will be opened on 10th of January 2020, and close on 6th of March 2020. We aim to announce the award result in late May 2020.

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