Harnessing the UK’s Academic & Industrial Strength in Biofilms

We’re creating a fusion of world class interdisciplinary research and industry partnerships to deliver breakthrough science and technologies to control and exploit biofilms.

Annual Report

Biofilms are central to our most important global challenges – from antimicrobial resistance and food safety to water security – and exert significant economic, social and environmental impact. NBIC was launched in 2017 to address these challenges and unmet needs, and bring together the best of UK research and businesses to drive the translation of biofilm research into innovative solutions.

Our Annual Report 2019 is now available to download using the link below.

Workshop Reports

Biofilm Detection

Biofilm Engineering

Industry Reports

Prevention, Detection, Management and Engineering of Biofilms

Our Case Studies

Controlling Listeria in Food Production Facilities

Helping industry find academic partners to solve unmet needs

Finding Treatments for Eye Infections

Helping to support biofilm models to assess novel interventions

Diagnosing Infection in Chronic Wounds

Assisting the academic community to find the right industrial partner

Biofilms Explainer

What are biofilms, why are they important, their numerous benefits, and information about progressing research in this area.

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